Bath Tower

A trip to Bath - by Florian K.

Sun; 17.02. Go!Go!Go!

We, a group of 8th, 9th and 10th graders, met at Berlin Schönefeld Airport at 07:15 pm. Together we went to the check-in terminals and passed the security controls. After this, the boarding took place. The flight from Germany to Bristol, Great Britain took more or less 2 hours. After we arrived, a bus picked us up and brought us to the hostel.

Mon; 18.02. Discovery Day!

We got up at 07:30 am to get ready for the day. The breakfast took place at 08:30 am and consisted of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon an baked beans and that’s a typical English breakfast. After breakfast, we walked into Bath city, where we met our guide called Liz, who told us many facts about the history of Bath. Later on we visited the Bath Abbey and walked up many steps to the roof of the Abbey. The view was so amazing!

Tue; 19.02. Stonehenge!

We went to Stonehenge at 09:30 am and got a wristband to get identified in the museum of Stonehenge. In the afternoon and evening we had free time to enjoy the city in small groups of at least three people.

Wed; 20.02. Bristol!

At 09:00 am we went to Bristol. We visited the “M Shed“, a museum of Bristol and its history. Later on the task was to search for graffities by an artist called “Banksy“, who is from Bristol too. We heard about this person, or group, in the museum. The artist’s identity is unknown, but “Banksy’s“ artwork is very expensive!

In the evening we watched the movie “Instant Family“ at the cinema in Bath called “Odeon“. On the bus on the way back to the hostel, we saw and heard a group of drunk students, who celebrated the victory of the University of Bath’s rugby team.

Thu; 21.02. Going home!

We left the hostel at 10:00 am and went to Bath city for a last time. At 02:00 pm the bus picked us up and brought us to the airport. The plane departed at 05:40 pm. Two hours later, we arrived at the airport back in Germany.